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  • product-image-artisan-crispbread-sprouted-grain-and-flaxseed-with-raisins-1

    Kurrajong Kitchen®   Artisan Crispbread™ Sprouted grain & Flaxseed with Raisins

  • product-image-artisan-crispbread-sprouted-grain-with-pear-and-cranberry-1

    Kurrajong Kitchen®   Artisan Crispbread™ Sprouted Grain with Pear & Cranberry

  • product-image-artisan-crispbread-poppy-and-sesame-1

    Kurrajong Kitchen®   Artisan Crispbread™ Poppy & Sesame

  • product-image-kurrajong-kitchens-zaatar-1

    Kurrajong Kitchen®   Crunch™ Za’atar

  • product-image-kurrajong-kitchens-hommus-1

    Kurrajong Kitchen®   Crunch™ Hommus

  • Product Photo WEB

    Lavosh The Original®   Poppy & Sesame LavoshBites™

  • WEB Product Photo

    Lavosh The Original®   Flatbread and Breadsticks

  • Lavosh-Shepherd's-Bread

    Shepherd’s Bread™

  • WEB Product Photo

    Lavosh The Original®   Poppy & Sesame LavoshCrackers™

  • WEB photo

    Grissini TraditionallyRolled™

  • product-image-kurrajong-kitchen-lavosh-bites

    LavoshBites™  Original

  • product-image-lavoash-snacks

    LavoshSnacks™  Original

  • 0247 140g LavoshCrackers website

    LavoshCrackers™  Poppy & Sesame

  • WEBSITE only

    LavoshBites™  Caramelized Onion & Sea Salt

  • WEB photo only

    LavoshBites™  Rosemary & Sea Salt


    LavoshBites™  Sharp Cheddar

  • Lavosh-Original

    Lavosh The Original®    Bite Size 130g

  • Lavosh-Thins-Caramelized-Onion-&-Sea-Salt

    LavoshThins®    Caramelized Onion & Sea Salt

  • Lavosh-Thins-Rosemary-&-Sea-Salt

    LavoshThins®    Rosemary & Sea Salt

  • Entertain in Lavosh Style

    Kurrajong Kitchen Lavosh offers the traditional style of baking in flatbread. The Original Lavosh and now new flavours, styles and variants have been baked with love and care. Each time you serve Kurrajong Kitchen Lavosh, we are standing there with you ensuring your entertaining experience is enhanced by your choice.

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