Kurrajong Kitchen took Oaklee’s Originals to various local markets in 2023, aiming to meet our loyal Lavosh Lovers and introduce our crackers to new fans. We had a blast sharing Oaklee’s with everyone we met and received amazing feedback.

First stop, the Richmond Good Food Christmas Market. Among the holiday cheer, people loved trying Oaklee’s Originals. Their excitement was contagious and seeing their smiles after tasting our crackers was incredibly rewarding.

At the Australiana Pioneer Village, Oaklee’s found a place among visitors eager to embrace something new while surrounded by historical charm. It was great to introduce our crackers in a setting that values tradition.

Then, the ST Ives Market—a lively place where we connected with a new audience. People were intrigued by Oaklee’s Originals and the positive responses confirmed that these crackers were making an impact.

The experience was about more than just sharing snacks. It was about creating connections and moments worth remembering. We shared stories, recipes, and laughter, weaving experiences around Oaklee’s Originals that went beyond taste.

The feedback we received was incredible. From compliments on the crunch to praise for the flavours, it was humbling to see the impact Oaklee’s Originals had on our customers.

Looking back, we’re grateful for the support of our Lavosh Lovers and thrilled to welcome new faces into the Kurrajong Kitchen family through Oaklee’s Originals. Your enthusiasm drives our commitment to quality snacks.

Until our next market adventure, keep enjoying the moments and the flavour of Oaklee’s Originals. Thank you for being part of our Kurrajong Kitchen journey!