This month we’re celebrating 25 years of Kurrajong Kitchen® Lavosh. And what a journey it’s been!

Our first official boxes of lavosh landed on the shelves of Coles Supermarkets in 1998.

“I always say we fell into this,” Karen says of the manufacturing arm of the business. “We didn’t plan this. It just rolled and it rolled, and it rolled. We were the first lavosh on the Australian supermarket shelves.”

“We felt so proud to be making our product available to the Australian market,” Karen said of the first time she saw Kurrajong Kitchen products in the supermarket aisles. “We had really enjoyed supplying our local customers with Lavosh, and to be able to bring it to the wider population was an honour.”

Despite the fact that Kurrajong Kitchen remains a relatively small family owned and run business, we’ve outlasted many competitors, including some of the big brands.

The 25th Anniversary celebrations have given the Kurrajong Kitchen family a chance to sit back and have a look at how far we’ve come. We were joined by many of our staff members and long-term supporters as well as Susan Templeman, Federal Member for Macquarie.

“Because you’re busy with the doing, you don’t realise how far you’ve come,” Karen said. “We’re just so grateful to our staff and our suppliers, for their support over the years. And to the Australian public for continuing to enjoy Kurrajong Kitchen Lavosh, throughout the ups and downs of life!”

One thing that really brings home just how much Kurrajong Kitchen® Lavosh has impacted the Australian way of life, is when people tell us about the part it plays in their own lives. “Young mothers tell me that they remember their mother feeding to them when they were young, and now they’re feeding it to their children!” Karen says. “Two generations having grown up eating our lavosh. That’s really special. It’s an intergenerational hand me down – from mother to daughter,” she says. “One young girl approached me recently at a market and said to me, “I remember having your product in my lunch box served by my mum.” She was 23 years old! We are now talking to the next generation, and that’s a really good thing.

“At the end of the day, Kurrajong Kitchen is just a small family business. We’re a first and second-generation Australian business,” Karen says with a laugh. “We’re just a normal everyday family that happens to make lavosh.”