Join Karen on this extraordinary journey shared with local Coles Store Managers. This remarkable day on Dharug land, a testament to the power of shared food, stories, and experiences in fostering understanding and unity among diverse cultures.

Karen had the incredible opportunity to share the inspiring Kurrajong Kitchen story with a group of amazing local Coles managers during their unforgettable on country experience day at Yarramundi.

During this special day, Karen had the privilege to connect with the Coles managers on a deeper level, sharing the journey behind Kurrajong Kitchen and the passion that drives Kurrajong Kitchen. From humble beginnings to nationwide recognition, she shared the dedication, hard work, and commitment to quality that has made Kurrajong Kitchen a household name. It was an incredible honour for Karen to witness the genuine interest and enthusiasm from the Coles managers, who eagerly listened and engaged with her story.

The sense of connection and shared values were truly remarkable, highlighting the importance of supporting local businesses and celebrating their unique stories. Karen extends her heartfelt gratitude to the Coles managers for their warm welcome and genuine interest in Kurrajong Kitchen.

She was truly touched by the opportunity to be a part of their on country experience day and will cherish the memories created during this remarkable journey. Let’s continue to support local businesses, share their stories, and celebrate the incredible journeys that make our communities thrive! 🌱🌏🙌 #SupportLocal #CommunityConnections #KurrajongKitchen #ColesOnCountryExperience