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  • Lavosh

    now that's entertaining!

    The Original Lavosh recipe is the most loved of all. Originally baked in Ben & Karen’s restaurant for service to their customers, this age old award winning recipe continues to delight consumers to this very day. Baked and packed in many different ways, the original favourite can be found on the finest shelves in these variants.

    • LavoshBites™  The Original Special Edition Gifting Box

    • LavoshBites™ Rye Snack Packs

    • LavoshBites™ Wholemeal & Seeds Snack Packs

    • LavoshBites™ Poppy & Sesame Snack Packs

    • LavoshBites™  Original

    • LavoshSnacks™  Original

    • LavoshCrackers™  Poppy & Sesame

    • LavoshBites™  Rosemary & Sea Salt

    • Lavosh The Original®    Bite Size 130g

    • LavoshThins®    Caramelized Onion & Sea Salt

    • LavoshThins®    Rosemary & Sea Salt

  • Artisan Crispbread

    now that's entertaining!

    We select simple ingredients from the pantry to bring you our range of Artisan Crispbreads™. Mindful nutritional choices full of sprouted grains, seeds and fruits baked for your wholesome goodness. Crafted in the Hawkesbury NSW Australia.

    • Kurrajong Kitchen®   Artisan Crispbread™ Sprouted Grain with Pear & Cranberry

    • Kurrajong Kitchen®   Artisan Crispbread™ Poppy & Sesame

  • Traditional Range

    now that's Lavosh traditional Range

    The award winning Traditional Range brings the original recipe to life. Offering Poppy & Sesame LavoshBites™, Poppy & Sesame CrackersSize™, Sprouted Grain LavoshThins™, Grissini Classic Breadsticks and a mixed packet of Flatbread and Breadsticks, these products can be found in delis and fruit barns across the country.

    • Lavosh The Original®   Sprouted Grain LavoshThins®

    • Lavosh The Original®   Poppy & Sesame LavoshBites™

    • Lavosh The Original®   Flatbread and Breadsticks

    • Shepherd’s Bread™

    • Lavosh The Original®   Poppy & Sesame LavoshCrackers™

    • Grissini TraditionallyRolled™

  • For Chefs

    now that's entertaining!

    Kurrajong Kitchen® proudly manufacture Lavosh the Original, yeast free, egg free, natural flatbread with no added preservatives.

    • Lavosh The Original®   Sprouted Grain LavoshThins®

    • Shepherd’s Bread™

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