Unfortunately times of drought exist and the current situation sees grain crops in Australia falling, with harvest results failing to meet expectation and earlier predictions.

As with economic rules of supply & demand dictating pricing, we all know we will be paying more at the check out when the flow on effect evolves. However we do need to support our farming industry, as the billboard says “Farming is not just a way of life, it keeps everybody alive!!”   To get behind and support our Aussie farmers, you need to make a conscious decision when purchasing food products. Check country of origin labels, where these ingredients are from. Most of us buy bread, wraps, muesli bars, snacking items that all contain wheat, making a conscious choice on your next purchase shows your support and we will all be better off in the long run.

Want to know more: Ben Furney flour mill latest Harvest 2019 Update yield figures displays the effects the drought has had on our wheat farmers;

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Photo: Weber Family, Walgett NSW, Grain Growers