We are passionate about Australia – and about supporting the amazing community of farmers who have weathered severe drought and changing markets throughout the past few years,  so we recently gave a bit of a helping hand to some rural NSW farmers. 

Kurrajong Kitchen® Lavosh products contain a high percentage of flour and we see this as a great opportunity to support Australian wheat farmers. The bulk of our flour is supplied by Dubbo mill Ben Furney. Unfortunately, the current weather conditions have also had a huge impact on this 50-year-old mill, now run by the family’s fifth-generation. 

As you know, large parts of Australia has recently experienced severe drought conditions, our lowest average rainfall ever, above average temperatures during growing season and significant frosts. As such, the wheat industry has seen a heavily decreased supply, with some predicting it will drop even further. 

Our wheat prices are the highest they’ve been for decades, while ‘domestic’ exports of grain to the east have taken WA prices to seven-year highs. Wheat prices have risen between 70-80% during 2018 and are expected to remain high, well into this year. 

We have always done what we can to support Aussie farmers, choosing Australian wheat over imported competitors – but when this drought continued to rage across the farms and fields of so many farmers we know and love, we knew we needed to do more.  

We sent a pallet of food and supplies for farmers as well as pallets of outdated goods to be used to feed livestock before the Christmas season rolled around. This season can be difficult for farming families, as their financial situation is often extremely restrictive, the heat a constant reminder that the drought continues to rage. 

When Jake and Lorna travelled the 2500km round trip to Pooncarie, NSW with the Hawkesbury Hay Runners, they helped deliver supplies to farmers, families and livestock in need. They had several lavosh hampers on board, to help brighten Christmas and tonnes of livestock feed in the form of hay and outdated product. Jake and Lorna were amazed by just how dry it was in rural NSW – and by how far a little bit of help can go. 

It’s a privilege to work with our Aussie farmers and with mills like Ben Furney who continue to stand by the Australian wheat industry. And you can do your bit to stand by Aussie wheat farmers too. Buy Aussie made and support Aussie farmers. 


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