Hello January, you lovely thing!

It’s that time of year, when all the busyness is over and (hopefully!) we can all enjoy some well-deserved rest.

Here at Kurrajong Kitchen, we like to think of ourselves as professionals when it comes to having a good time with friends (even our feathered friends). Afterall, that’s what Kurrajong Kitchen® Lavosh is all about!

IMG_6557 (1)

This year, the Lebsanft family’s summer holiday looks different to usual – they have an exciting event that just can’t wait! “With Lorna’s wedding pending in February we won’t have much time to relax these holidays with final plans being put together for the wedding!” Karen says. But don’t worry, we’re quite sure they’ll find time for their favourite relaxation – time by the sea. And of course, catching up with friends and family around a cheese and lavosh platter. “We love relaxing by the beach,” Karen says. “Or camping with friends. My favourite is having an easy dinner around the campfire, always with the obligatory cheese and lavosh snacks, of course!”

If you’re looking for some platter inspiration, look no further. Our Instagram and Facebook pages are a wealth of ideas and lavosh-inspired creativity. And you may just be in time to enter our massive lavosh giveaway too! So hop on over and enjoy!

PS – How cute is this family snap, taken on a family holiday a while back! Lorna and Jack have grown up so much!